Make the festive season count

    Posted on 2 December, 2021 by LungaMrhetjh

    Make the festive season count



    It is that time of the year again. The festive season is upon us. Beautiful summer vibes and an ambiance of joy as we relax at home and spend time with our loved ones.

    It is also the time of year-end functions for a majority of corporate companies and some industries are taking their season break, putting production on hold. As we reflect on a year that was filled with hardships, we have to take note of the standout moments and learn from them.

    This is even more vital for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises. The current economic outlook has compelled us to revaluate the manner in which we do things and to find innovative means to remain competitive.

    Now that the jolly festive season is here, people will be spending money on groceries, clothes, gifts and all sorts of entertainment.

    Money will exchange hands a lot. As an entrepreneur, you must try to carve a niche for yourself and find a way to successfully benefit from the summer days.

    Seeing how hot it gets at this time of the year, selling ice can be lucrative. It’s an in-demand product in many households as people host parties and fill up their cooler boxes with alcoholic beverages. Meat is also another item that is selling like hot cakes at this time. 


    A lot of our compatriots will be traveling home or sending goods to various destinations. Offering transportation services can be a viable business move in this regard.

    It is a time of hosting events, happy gatherings and celebrations. Finding ways to cross sell and upsell can come in handy at this time of the year. The approach should always be about solving a customer need in a convenient manner that is beneficial to both parties.

    In conclusion, 2021 has been a very challenging year for all of us. As we close this chapter and open a new one, we must be mindful of all that we have learnt. Entrepreneurship is a practical tool for consolidating financial leverage in our communities. May we use these opportunities to bring much needed social change in the lives of our people. 

    Happy Festive Everyone🥳


    Author: Lunga Mrhetjha 

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